From Economics to Humanomics – Tomáš Sedlácek

The first rule of economics states: You do not talk about ethics. We have been trained to not only ignore but even be cynical about the whole question of public good. To quote St. Paul in the Epistle to Romans, Ch. 8 “I want to do good, but I end up doing evil.“ Economists are taught to rely on the mysterious workings of the invisible hand of the market. This invisible hand represents exactly the opposite: An individual wants to do evil, but it turns out to be public good. This in turn completely fills the vacuum of any ethics. There is an automatism, called the invisible hand of the market, which turns vice into public benefits. In retrospect, is it really true that economics, or banking in this case, is value free?

Coming May, a special edition of our client’s magazine „Bankspiegel“ will feature a detailed documentation of the first public conference of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). We invite everyone who missed the conference in Berlin to keep a close eye on our blog:

In the days to come, we will publish audio-recordings as well as videos of each speech given to share these inspriring thoughts with you.

Shortly after the publication, you will also be able to read slightly shortened versions of the keynote speeches given by Tomáš Sedlácek, Wendy Luhabe, Norbert Lammert and Otto Scharmer right here, on our blog.

Let’s start with Tomáš Sedlácek and his animated speech titled „From Economics to Humanomics„:

Written Summary: From Economics to Humanomics



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