Drivers of Change – Wendy Luhabe

“It is time to remember that our financial and economic decisions have a serious impact on the lives of others. If we don’t take this into consideration, egotistic motives become the foundation of our decisions – and the consequences of this change can be devastating. Therefore, society needs indeed an economy that is based on a combination of humanomics and a dynamic eco-system.”

“Taking this proposal into account, I acknowledge GLS Bank as a leading example of a new way of banking as well as being an inspiration for other banks to follow. What really matters is what we leave behind for future generations. If we destroy everything, if we destroy values which enable us to distinguish between what is morally right and wrong, then we leave nothing behind.”

Wendy Luhabe gave an inspiring speech at the GABV-Conference in Berlin. In a few days you will be able to read a summary of her words in the special edition of our client’s magazine. We invite you to sit back and watch or listen to the speech she gave on March 14th 2013. Enjoy!

Written Summary: Drivers of Change, Wendy Luhabe


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